# Pruning the Execution Client


This is meant for geth and nethermind users. Besu does not need to be pruned.

If you use geth or nethermind as your primary Execution (ETH1) client, you will likely notice that your node's free disk space slowly decreases over time. The Execution client is by far the biggest contributor to this; depending on how much RAM you allocated to its cache during rocketpool service config, it can grow at a rate of several gigabytes per day!

To handle this, Execution clients provide a special function called pruning that lets them scan and clean up their database safely to reclaim some free space. Every node operator using Geth or Nethermind will have to prune it eventually.

If you have a 2 TB SSD, you can usually go for months between rounds of pruning. For 1 TB SSD users, you will have to prune more frequently.

If you have the Grafana dashboard enabled, a good rule of thumb is to start thinking about pruning your Execution client when your node's used disk space exceeds 80%.

When you decide that it's time, the Smartnode comes with the ability to prune it for you upon request. Read below to learn how it works, and what to expect.


Pruning your Execution client is only possible in Docker Mode.

If you use your own Execution (ETH1) client, such as an external client in Hybrid mode or Native mode, you cannot use the Smartnode to prune the Execution client. You will need to do it manually. Please refer to the documentation for your Execution client to learn how to prune it.

# Prerequisites

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# Starting a Prune

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