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In this section, you'll learn how to configure the Smartnode stack and customize all of the settings to your liking. You will have to configure it prior to running the stack for the first time, but you can always come back once it's running and reconfigure it again whenever you like.


Before configuring your Smartnode, please make sure you:

  • Have a node machine (or virtual machine) with the Operating System installed and configured
  • Have the machine secured (via the Securing your Node guide)
  • Have the Smartnode installed on it


Configuring the Smartnode Stack (Docker / Hybrid Mode) is the guide to use if you want to run with Docker Mode or Hybrid Mode.

Configuring the Smartnode Stack (Native Mode) is the guide to use if you want to run with Native Mode.

Advanced Smartnode Configuration for Docker Mode is a supplement to the Docker guide that shows some extra capabilities and features you might be interested in (such as "Reverse Hybrid" Mode or customizing the Docker container flags).