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Migrating the Smartnode from Previous Beta Tests ‚Äč

If you've been a Rocket Pool node operator during our previous beta tests on Medalla or Pyrmont, thank you for helping us improve the protocol and welcome back! This brief guide will walk you through the process of purging your own beta build and setting up the newest build for either the Holesky testnet, or for real staking on mainnet.


You will need to create a new node wallet to interact with the Holesky test network. Re-using a wallet from a previous beta build may result in failures while creating new validators!

There are three major steps towards upgrading from a beta build to the Holesky test network.

First, migrate any holesky ETH you have to a separate wallet. You can then migrate it back to the new node wallet you create after you reinstall Rocket Pool, so you don't need to rely as much on a faucet for holesky ETH.

The easiest way to do this is via Metamask - see the rETH staking guide for a walkthrough of how to set up a new wallet. You can do this using the following command:

rocketpool node send XXX eth 0xabcd1234...

where XXX is the amount of holesky ETH to send, and 0xabcd1234... is the address of the new wallet you created. Note that you'll need to leave a little bit of ETH behind to pay for the gas used in the transaction!

Next, remove all the old Docker images and chain data with the following command:

rocketpool service terminate

Once this is done, remove the old Rocket Pool data and settings folder. This will delete your old wallet and your old validators, so make sure you no longer need to save them for anything!

sudo rm -rf ~/.rocketpool

Once this is done, your old beta setup will be cleaned. You can follow the Rocket Pool installation guide for a walkthrough on installing and configuring Rocket Pool for the Holesky testnet.