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Guides Overview ‚Äč

Welcome to the Guides section of the Rocket Pool documentation! Here you will find various guides that walk you through every step of the various Rocket Pool processes.

If you're looking to stake your ETH with Rocket Pool and receive rETH in return, please visit the Staking Guide. Staking is a very simple process, and this guide is filled with step-by-step instructions (including screenshots) that show you how it's done.

If you're interested in running a Rocket Pool node to create your own Ethereum validators, take a look at our Node Operator's guide. This is a very comprehensive guide that goes over all of the considerations involved in node operation, including:

  • Deciding to run a node locally at home, or remotely on the cloud
  • Selecting the hardware for a local machine, or selecting a remote hosting provider
  • Preparing and securing the operating system of your node
  • Selecting your Execution and Consensus clients
  • Installing Rocket Pool's Smartnode stack
  • Creating a new Beacon Chain validator using the Rocket Pool network
  • Maintaining and updating your node

Both guides will show you how to practice for free on the Rocket Pool testnet so you can get a feel for everything without risking any of your real-life ETH, and how to stake your real ETH on the Ethereum mainnet once you're comfortable with the process.

When you're ready, select a guide from the options above based on your interests. You are also free to explore the various pages using the sidebar to the left.