# 🤝 Contracts & Integrations

Do you love RPL and rETH? Us too! So we put together a list of integrations and services, as well as official contract deployments, to help you discovery new places these assets can be used!

If you would like to contribute by helping integrate Rocket Pool into more services and protocols, reach out on Discord (opens new window)!

# Protocol Contracts

Chain Contract Address
Mainnet Deposit 0x4D05E3d48a938db4b7a9A59A802D5b45011BDe58 (opens new window)
Storage 0x1d8f8f00cfa6758d7bE78336684788Fb0ee0Fa46 (opens new window)
Goerli Deposit 0x923Ed282Cda8952910B71B5efcA7CDa09e39c633 (opens new window)
Storage 0xd8Cd47263414aFEca62d6e2a3917d6600abDceB3 (opens new window)

# Token Contracts

Chain Asset Address
Mainnet RPL 0xD33526068D116cE69F19A9ee46F0bd304F21A51f (opens new window)
rETH 0xae78736Cd615f374D3085123A210448E74Fc6393 (opens new window)
Arbitrum RPL 0xb766039cc6db368759c1e56b79affe831d0cc507 (opens new window)
rETH 0xec70dcb4a1efa46b8f2d97c310c9c4790ba5ffa8 (opens new window)
Optimism RPL (not deployed to Optimism - in progress)
rETH 0x9bcef72be871e61ed4fbbc7630889bee758eb81d (opens new window)
Polygon RPL (not deployed to Polygon - in progress)
rETH 0x0266F4F08D82372CF0FcbCCc0Ff74309089c74d1 (opens new window)
Goerli RPL 0x5e932688e81a182e3de211db6544f98b8e4f89c7 (opens new window)
rETH 0x178E141a0E3b34152f73Ff610437A7bf9B83267A (opens new window)

# Integrations

Category Service Link Link
Data Feed Subgraph RPL (opens new window) rETH (opens new window)
Exchange Balancer (Mainnet) - rETH (opens new window)
Bancor (Mainnet) RPL (opens new window) rETH (opens new window)
Uniswap (Mainnet) RPL (opens new window) rETH (opens new window)
Uniswap (Arbitrum) RPL (opens new window) rETH (opens new window)
Uniswap (Optimism) - rETH (opens new window)
Uniswap (Polygon) - rETH (opens new window)
Zigzag (zkSync) - rETH (opens new window)
Trackers DefiLlama RPL (opens new window) -
Delta - rETH (opens new window)
Wallets Coinbase Wallet - rETH (opens new window)
Dharma - rETH (opens new window)
Gnosis - rETH (opens new window)
Trust Wallet RPL (opens new window) rETH (opens new window)